Revisiting my 2017 goals

Back in March, I set out some overall goals and reading goals for 2017. They weren’t very large, but I still wanted to go over them and see how that went.

17 goals for 2017

Be more independent. VerdictThis is a hard one to assess, but I’ll say done. I think I was more independent this year, which I’m proud of.

Get my full license. VerdictHAHA not done. I didn’t even consider it. Maybe 2018.

Travel, of course. VerdictKind of done? We didn’t leave North America, but I still saw lots of places I hadn’t before.

Do more photography. Verdict: DONE! I got into book photography, and I took pictures of my sister and her friends for their birthdays, so I’d say this was a success.

Be more active. Verdict: maybe? I did walk more between campuses when I could, but I don’t think I did any more running or work out more consistently. This is always a place for improvement for me.

Get more in shape for backpacking. Verdictdone I think? We ended up not doing any backpacking this summer, but we did hike Alderson-Carthew, which was great. It’s always my goal to be in shape enough to do the things my brother wants to lol.

Write the LSAT. Verdict: DONE! I ended up writing it TWICE even though I did worse the second time around. But oh well, I guess it happens. I wrote it and that’s all that matters.

Apply to law or grad school. Verdict: DONE! I applied to law school, which I’m super happy about. Wish me luck about getting in!!

Related to that, figure out what I want to do in life. Verdict: I DID IT! I think I know what I want my future career to be, which is super exciting.

Try to mend old friendships. Verdict: HAHA no. I wrote this goal with one specific friend in mind, and nothing happened. I didn’t hear from her once over the summer while she was in town, and then she messaged me at the end of August when my life was going to shit, asking for a HUGE favour. So I really think I know where she stands on this friendship, which sucks but also BYE GIRL.

Get an A in stats and bio-chem. Verdict: half succeeded. I got an A in stats (by 0.15%) but not in bio-chem. I was still happy with how I did, but an A would have been nicer. Oh well, such is life.

Get a publication as the first author. Verdictnot done, but not for lack of trying. I’ve submitted two manuscripts, one two SEVEN journals and one to FIVE journals, and they keep getting rejected. It’s frustrating, but that’s also academia. Hopefully soon though. I have good feelings about the two manuscripts I’m working on now.

Read 5 new books. VerdictKILLED IT! I read WAY more than 5 new books and I’m so happy!

Compete at 1.20m consistently. Verdictnot done, but not for lack of trying. Everything just went wrong this summer, so it really wasn’t my fault (some of it was, part of it wasn’t).

Finally finish Firefly. Verdictnot done. BUT SOON I promise! As soon as finals are over!

Drink more water. Verdict: done. Pretty self-explanatory that one. I drank water.

As always, be happy. Verdict: AGH so this year has felt very off balance. Good things have happened, but some very Not Good things also happened. So even though I’m generally an optimistic person and a fairly happy person, it’s been hard these past few months. So I’m going to give this goal a solid kind of.

Book goals

New reads:

  • The Red Rising Trilogy by Pierce Brown. Verdict: done! I read and loved this trilogy!
  • The Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill. Verdict: started! I still a couple weeks of 2017 left, so hopefully soon!
  • A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki. Verdict: done! I really enjoyed this book and I’m glad I read it


  • Exit the Actress by Priya Parmar. Verdictdone! I reread this book and remembered how much I enjoyed the first time around.

Overall, I think this year was fairly successful in terms of goal achieving. I have a 2017 year in review coming in the new year, so look for that if you want more details about what I did!

Thanks for reading and for all your continued support.


8 thoughts on “Revisiting my 2017 goals

  1. Sounds like a very productive year!

    For myself, I’ve stopped putting “be happy” as a goal. I’ve replaced it with things like “do something that satisfies me” or “be successful at such-and-such” or “find a job that’s fulfilling” or something else that is positive without being tied to happiness. I would stress out about not being happy and that just made me more unhappy… well. You get the idea. It only worked for me when I got more specific about it.

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