Woman of the Month: Peggy McIntosh

Woman of the Month is a feature on my blog where each month I highlight a woman in the world who I think garners recognition. I started this mainly to increase Girl Power and empowerment, and because there’s a lot of women I feel are overlooked and I wanted to bring attention to them.

This month I’m highlighting Peggy McIntosh.

Peggy McIntosh

Peggy McIntosh is a senior research scientist and former Associate Director of the Wellesley Centers for Women and is the founder of the National SEED Project, which helps teachers and community members create their own local, year-long, peer-led seminars to open important conversations to create communities and workplaces that are more inclusive.

She has written extensively on privilege, especially white and male privilege. I highly recommend reading her article White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack which outlines white privilege in a really understandable way.

I’ve read a lot of Dr. McIntosh’s writings and I find them all really interesting. She doesn’t sugar-coat things and really makes you think, which is something I really admire, especially in todays day and age.

Thanks for reading! xx

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