Monthly recommendations: books I’m thankful for

Found here! This month’s topic is books I’m thankful for!

All books mean something to me, and I’m thankful to live in a world where I can read books as much as I want. But these are the books that brought something more to my life.

Harry Potter by JK Rowling

I think the book I’m most thankful for is Harry Potter. It honestly brought so much to my life and I don’t think I can ever thank JK Rowling enough. This series brought my brother and I closer and it was honestly one of the first series I ever obsessed about. It will always be near and dear to my heart.

The CHERUB Series by Robert Muchamore

These books have been everywhere with me. We discovered them when we were living in Australia, and we continued to buy them when we came back to Canada and when we moved across Canada. They have gotten me out of SO MANY reading slumps and have come on so many road trips. They allowed me to fulfill my fantasy of being a kid spy.


The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

This was the first book I can remember that both my mom and I loved. She has a signed copy she got years ago, and she let me borrow it to read when I was in high school. I love it and think it’s an amazing book.

The Dragonkeeper Series by Carole Wilkinson

This is the series that started my love for historical fiction and ancient China. It’s just so well-written, especially for a middle grade book, and there’s so much detail and I love it a lot.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Again, this series brought me closer to one of my now best friends Madison. In high school, we had both read it and bonded over how great it was. Now we’re as close as can be and we still swap books for time to time.

Life of Pi by Yann Martel

This is one of my favourite books and it has come everywhere with me. I first read it my last year of high school and have since read it at least half a dozen times, in different parts of the world. It’s such a beautifully written book and I love it so much.

Looking for Alaska by John Green

Again, a book from high school. John Green books are either a hit or miss with people, I find. I love Looking for Alaska, but his others didn’t really do it for me. But Alaska helped get me out of so many reading slumps.

Everyday by David Levithan

This was the first YA romance book my brother and I both loved. I read it first and told him he had to read it immediately. I have a very vivid memory of him reading it while we were on a ski trip, and when he finished he just lay face-down on the window seat. The friends we were with were slightly concerned, but the ending is just like that.

Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder

I read this book YEARS ago when I was junior high, and then last year told my little sister to read it. And she read the whole series and loved all of them. She’s since reread all of them again. When we asked her what her favourite series was, this was one of them. So I’m thankful that it helped her find a love for reading too.

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

This is a more recent one, but it touched me way more than I was expecting. I’m very thankful to this book for writing about something that is difficult and for making people feel uncomfortable (but in a good way).

Thanks for reading!! xx

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