Books I want to read before the end of 2017

I don’t do monthly TBRs because I find it too hard to read doing school, but I still wanted to talk about which books I want to read before the end of the year. Hopefully, if I write this down it’ll keep me somewhat accountable.

Need to Finish

The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf – I’m getting through this slowly. It’s super interesting, but it’s written in a very academic way so it’s hard to want to read it.

The Queen of Katwe by Tim Crothers – I’m about 1/3 of the way through this and I love it! I think I’m going try to read like 10 pages a night or something during school.

The Darker Shade of Magic Trilogy by V.E. Schwab – I have the last two books in the trilogy to read, and want to read them before I forget what happened in the first one.

Priority TBR

Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi – I wanted to read this for August’s Read-a-Thin, but didn’t get to it as my brain was injured.

American Gods by Neil Gaiman – same for this one. It’s also really daunting, and my brother and mom are not fans. But I know my brother doesn’t like Gaiman’s writing so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys – I really like Sepetys’ writing, so I want to read this ASAP.

I’m hoping I can blast through the rest Queen of Katwe and the rest of the Darker Shades of Magic trilogy fairly quickly, as I think Homegoing and American Gods will take a bit longer. There’s also all the books on my Goodreads Top TBR list, which you can read here.

If you have any suggestions about which ones I should prioritize, let me know!


18 thoughts on “Books I want to read before the end of 2017

  1. Great post! I have yet to read any of V.E. Schwab’s books but the Darker Shade of Magic Trilogy is definitely a top priority for me in the couple of months 🙂 I have read Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys and I loved it… I have a review for it on my blog if you’re interested in checking that out!

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  2. American Gods is on my TBR list as well, though it’s not all that high up at this point. I find that I’m about 50/50 with Gaiman’s work — I’ve loved about half of what I’ve read, and the other half I’ve been indifferent to at best.

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      1. My brother and mom were not fans of American Gods, specifically because of his writing style. But I think it’s great so I guess it’s really just personal preference


  3. American Gods took me a while to get through and the writing is very heavy, but the story is so interesting and the imagery very vivid! It was my first Gaiman book and I am keen to read more.

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    1. I think the message of the Beauty Myth is super interesting and I definitely wish more people knew about.
      I have high hopes for Homegoing! I’ve heard great things about it


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