The Versatile Blogger Award

I was nominated by Delphine @ Delphine the Babbler. Thank you very much for the nomination! Delphine has a fantastic blog, so you should all go check her out if you haven’t already!

Rules (as written by Delphine)

  • Give an air kiss and hug to your nominator and share their links with your followers
  • Nominate 10 bloggers that you admire and don’t forget to link, or else what’s the purpose
  • Let your nominees know you nominated them
  • Reveal 7 facts about yourself that hasn’t been acknowledged yet before

Okay so idk what facts I’ve disclosed before or not so I’m sorry if these are repeats!

  1. My dream growing up was to be a spy. Did anyone read the CHERUB series? Because I basically wanted to be a CHERUB sooooo badly. If given the opportunity I would absolutely become a super spy
  2. I am obsessed with religious cults. I just find them so interesting because of the psychology behind them. Like how do you convince people to follow you so blindly??? idk it’s fascinating
  3. My cousin is a well-known conspiracy theorist and wrote a book on how 9/11 was an inside job (so all the “Bush did 9/11” jokes are hilarious to me because like it’s actually plausible??? if anyone wants to talk about it let me know!!)
  4. I met John Barrowman at a comic expo when I was in high school and I dressed up as the 11th Doctor and got my picture taken with him
  5. I maladaptive daydream a bit too much (hence the maladaptive part) but I don’t think it’s actually a problem because it doesn’t interfere with my everyday life (for the most part)
  6. I was stung by a jellyfish in 2007 when I was living in Australia
  7. I have a really weird memory for song lyrics. Like you can play a song I knew years ago and I could still sing along perfectly. It’s really annoying but also great for parties because I always win Name That Song games

I nominate

Rachel @ pace, amore, libri // Rhia @ Rhia Reads // Naty @ Naty’s Bookshelf // Caitlin @ Caitstiel’s Book World // Maddie @ Well-Read Twenty-Something // Haley @ Fangirl Fury // Katie @ Read with Katie

Thanks for reading! And thanks again to Delphine for the nomination!

10 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. OMG! Stung by a jellyfish??? That kinda reminds me of that one scene in Finding Nemo when Dory gets stung, but I can only imagine how horrid that must have been! *eekkkkkk*

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