Discussion: academia

So I’m an academic (technically). I’m going into my final year of my Bachelor of Health Sciences at university, which is a research-intensive program. I also work as a research assistant full-time during the summer and part-time during the school year. I have one paper published in a journal (!!!!!!!!), so I guess I’m legit.

There are several things I love about the academic community. But there are several things I dislike, too. The biggest issue I have is the superiority complex so many people have. Because we’re academics, we’re better than others. Only WE understand science, and the general public doesn’t understand how academia works, or what’s going on in the academic world.

BUT this lack of understanding in the general public is OUR fault as academics. We make science hard to access. Scientific articles are expensive to buy and read, and unless you’re at a university it’s really hard to access them. The academic world makes science so inaccessible and then gets annoyed when the general public has misconceptions about science.

SO. I wanted to make academia a bit more accessible, even if it’s only a little bit. So for the month of August, I’m going to be hosting Academic August. Every Sunday, I’ll post about a couple academic articles that I really enjoy and I think are interesting. When I can (and without breaking any copyright laws) I’ll post links to free-access PDFs.

I thought it would be a different take on reading. Most of my time is spent reading academic articles rather than novels, so why not highlight them on my blog? There are so many interesting ones that I’ve learned about and are passionate about, so why not talk about them?

Most of the articles will be public health-related somehow, since that’s what my degree is in and what I find most interesting. I’ll try to cover psychology, population health, health economics, and maybe some neuroscience too. If there’s anything you’re interested in, let me know!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy the articles I’ll post 🙂

Ally xx

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