Bucket list: Alderson-Carthew and hitchhiking

You can find my bucket list here!

Alderson-Carthew Hike

On Canada Day weekend, my family spent the night in Waterton Lakes National Park, which is in Southern Alberta and is one of my favourite places. If you ever get the chance to come to Alberta, go to Waterton.

Alderson-Carthew is one of the many hikes here, and has been rated as one of the top hikes in the world and definitely in Canada. According to our good friend Barry from Hiking with Barry, Alderson-Carthew “is listed in the ‘My Waterton National Park Visitor Guide’ as an 8 hour, 20.1 KM (12½ mile) one-way trek with altitude gain of 650 m (2,132 ft).” We did it in about 8 hours (I think we started at 9 am and were done around 5-5:30 pm and we took our time).

This was one of the best hikes I’ve ever done. It’s absolutely stunning. You start at Cameron Lake, which is gorgeous, and see three more lakes!! They were all wonderful and I was reminded how lucky I am to live with this in my backyard. The hike itself was definitely trickier and more technical than I’m generally used to, but that added to it. There was still some snow on the trail, which was fun because we got to slide down it. The views were amazing and there were waterfalls the closer to Alderson lake you got.

If you’re a somewhat experienced hiker and are comfortable with scree, I highly recommend this hike! It’s very rewarding and well worth it!


So hitchhiking wasn’t part of our plan, but we scratched it off the bucket list nonetheless. What happened was this: to do this hike, you start at Cameron Lake, which is 25-30 km away from the Waterton town. Generally in the summer, a company in town (Tamarack) has a shuttle service that drives people to Cameron Lake so your car is in town when you’re done.

Because of the snow on the trail, Tamarack wasn’t yet running the shuttle. So our plan was to drive to Cameron Lake, hike up to Carthew Lake, and then either my mom and dad or my brother and I would hike back to Cameron Lake and pick the other two up in town. HOWEVER we ran into another family on the trail who told us they’d spoken to Tamarack that morning, and they were being shuttled back to Cameron Lake when they were finished and that Tamarack was like “yeah no big deal.” So we decided to all hike the whole hike and talk to Tamarack when we got back to town.

Well. Tamarack wouldn’t shuttle us. They said they needed more notice and that the other family had contacted them the night before, so they were prepared. So they couldn’t drive us, which meant we were stuck in Waterton with no car.

My brother and I went to the RCMP station and was told by the operator that she could file a complaint for us, but that was it. So we ended up going to the Heritage Centre and asking the two people who worked there if they could drive us (this was after asking people at the gas station and people at the Tamarack building). Luckily one of the guys was off at 6 and had a car!! Shoutout to Kelsey for being a champ and driving us to our car!!! He was super nice and chill and was like “no it’s all good I need the good karma anyway.”

So that two things scratched off my bucket list! Pretty good start to the summer lol.

Thanks for reading! xx

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