Makeup Monday: three underrated beauty products

It feels like it’s been a while since I did a Makeup Monday. I haven’t really been trying anything new, but there is a new Mascara Monday coming up soon, so be excited for that!

This week I thought I’d do three beauty products I think are underrated. These are just my opinions, but I think they are well worth the price and don’t have any hype around them (or maybe I missed the hype. Who knows).

Revlon Matte Balms

These are this crayon-like lipsticks and I am obsessed with them. They’re matte, but are super comfortable. They have a very slight minty taste and are super moisturizing. They are super pigmented, but not over-the-top pigment. You can apply several coats and get a nice bold colour, or apply one coat and still have crazy-good pigment.

The staying power on them is so good too. I generally apply a couple coats, blot it a little (when I remember), and then apply another coat over top and I’m good for the day. I might have to top it off depending on what I eat for lunch, but generally I just need 1 coat to make it better.

In short, I love these and have four different colours because I’m obsessed. They’re about $15 I think, which is a pretty good deal.

Sephora Eye Shadow

I only have one colour, the sparkly raspberry one named 288 Carousel. And it’s so good??? It’s super pigmented but easy to work with. It blends super well. It’s sparkly, but not glittery. It applies nicely wet or dry. It’s just so good. I used a skinny brush with some water last week and applied it as eyeliner and it worked great. I can’t speak to other colours, but this one is definitely great!

Quo brushes

For Christmas, my boyfriend got me this set of brushed from Quo and they are so good and were so cheap. I think the whole set (which has a travel container and eight brushes) was $20 and the quality is ridiculously good. Compared to the Sephora ones I have, I choose the Quo ones every time. They’re so soft and blend things out so nicely. They’re so cute too. I just love them and highly recommend them!

That’s everything! Thanks for reading! Let me know what beauty products you think are underrated!


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