Home travels – C Level Cirque Hike

A couple weeks ago, my family did a hike in Banff and I thought I’d share my thoughts and pictures!

The hike was called C Level Cirque and is located right near Lake Minnewanka in Banff National Park. The weather was great and we got super lucky; it was sunny and hot, but not too hot. Considering it snowed last year on the same day, it was much better!

The hike itself was really good too! It was uphill most of the way, but the incline was fairly manageable. It’s 455 m in elevation over 4 km, which is totally doable. I’m definitely not the most in-shape person ever (or even in my family) and I was working but not dying. I think if you’re in reasonable shape, you should be able to do it no problem.


The hike is along an old mining path, so closer to the bottom there’s old mine shafts and buildings still there, which was really cool. I’m a bit of a sucker for abandoned buildings (see here), so it was good for me!


Up near the top was still totally snowy! It’s so cool being able to be on snow but also in t-shirts and not be cold. We also saw a mini avalanche, which was really cool! I think when the snow melts, you can go higher than we did, but we didn’t want to risk it on the snow.

2017-05-22 14.58.322017-05-22 15.00.342017-05-22 15.34.50

2017-05-22 15.07.14

(note the bag of peanut butter M’n’Ms… we always bring chocolate when we go hiking. It’s not a summit if you don’t eat chocolate!)

If you’re ever in Banff and want to do a hike that’s less well known, I definitely recommend this one!

Thanks for reading! xx

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