Unpopular opinion Friday #2

Unpopular opinion #2. Unnecessary series

Similar to the cliffhangers, I hate when stand-alones are made into series. I think the first example of this, for me at least, is the Hunger Games. Honestly, I think it could’ve been left as the first one. Don’t get me wrong, the rest were not bad. But I think leaving it would’ve been fine too.

Others along this vein include Divergent and Legend. I love Divergent and Legend. They were such interesting concepts and I honestly think the ending was fine. But then the authors had to go and add two more books. Granted, I haven’t read the rest of the Legend books and I haven’t read Allegiant, but I’ve heard mixed reviews, leaning towards the not-so-great side. It doesn’t really ruin the first book, but it makes it harder to want to read more of the author.

Idk maybe I’m just weird. Let me know what you think!

5 thoughts on “Unpopular opinion Friday #2

  1. I agree, especially with The Hunger Games series. Mainly because I didn’t enjoy the final book, Mockingjay as much as I did The Hunger Games and Catching Fire. In fact, I can’t even remember Mockingjay all that well lol.

    I think there’s always that chance of a series starting good but then getting worse and worse. I don’t hate series, but some ideas for series are only meant for one book and stretching them out is unnecessary.

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    1. I feel like if the author had intended to write a series, it normally turns out well. But I think a lot of authors just write a novel that does really well, so they try to keep going off of that, which is when most of them don’t work.
      And the only part I remember about Mockingjay was that too many good people died lol


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