20 bookish facts about me

I found this idea on this lovely blog, and thought it was such an interesting idea! So here are 20 random bookish facts about me!

  1. my first favourite author was Robert Munsch. I have hair that goes down to my waist and always have, so I really identified with his book Stephanie’s Ponytail when I was like 3
  2. I’ve always been an avid reader. The only reason I ever really “took a break from reading” was because it gets in the way of school. I’d much rather read than study or do labs so I just don’t do it during school
  3. I lost the library copy of the second book of the Mediator series by Meg Cabot 3 times, and the librarian at my school banned me from taking it out again
  4. I dog-ear books. idk I think it adds something to them. But I never dog-ear other people’s books and I only dog-ear a small part, not like half the page
  5. one summer, my brother and I took 11 books between the two of us for a two week-long vacation, which annoyed our parents so much they bought us Kindles for Christmas the next year
  6. speaking of Christmas, this Christmas was the first Christmas ever that I didn’t get any books. The TBR pile on my bed-side table is too dang large, so that has to be worked through before I buy new books
  7. I 100% will die before I read all the books I want to read and that really stresses me out
  8. I’m not a fan of TV show or movie books, like the ones where it’s basically published fanfiction or extended canon ones. For example, there’s ones about the Doctor and his companions doing things, and idk why but they really bother me
  9. HOWEVER, I do enjoy books about the making of TV shows or movies. My family has all the Harry Potter ones and I have the 50th anniversary one for Doctor Who, and I love seeing all the behind the scenes photos
  10. I look up spoilers for books I want to know the ending of but don’t want to read. I know I know, but there are some books that I know I won’t enjoy, but I’m still nosy and want to know the ending of (for example, I looked up the entire plot of Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon and called the ending from a million miles away, just saying)
  11. I’m not picky about genre. I like most genres and have read and enjoyed books in almost all genres
  12. I think my favourite author is Neil Gaiman, but I haven’t actually read many of his novels. I just love his writing style. It’s like reading prose poetry, which I didn’t think was possible, but I try to mimic it whenever I write fiction (which, nowadays, isn’t often)
  13. I love comparing books and movies. Love. it (the best book to movie adaptation ever, in my opinion, was the Thief Lord, which was a pretty low-budget movie but really captured the spirit of the book)
  14. so many books have influenced where I want to travel. Memoirs of a Geisha made me want to go to Japan, the Thief Lord made me want to go to Venice, Anna and the French Kiss makes me want to go to Paris. Even though I know they won’t be the same as the books, I still want to visit them
  15. I’m really bad at updating Goodreads. I’ve gotten better now that I’m more into book blogging, but I’m still pretty shit at it
  16. book reviews honestly don’t really influence whether I’ll read a book or not. If it’s a stellar review and it sounds interesting, I’ll probably add it to my TBR, but even if someone rates it a 5/5 and it doesn’t sound interesting, I probably won’t feel compelled to read it
  17. I could honestly probably write a novel on all the reasons Severus Snape is a fantastic character but a horrible person. I have so many opinions about this
  18. I can never choose a favourite book. That’s too much stress
  19. I definitely find it easier to relate to characters who are close to my age, which I never really thought I would. That being said, there are some books I still love that have significantly younger characters
  20. I will stop reading a book if I don’t enjoy it. I read to have fun and to enjoy myself, and book blogging is just something I do for fun, so I would never finish a book just to write a review about it

Thanks for reading! Be sure to let me know something about yourself below!
Ally xx

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