TTT May 9: things on your reading wish list

Can be found here! This week’s topic was things on your reading wish list. “Things you want to see more of in books — tropes, a time period, a specific type of character, an issue tackled, a certain plot, etc. All those things that make you think I WANT MORE OF THIS IN BOOKS!”

I loved this topic. It was so fun to do!

  1. Badass female characters. But like, actually well-written ones, like Hermione or Mustang or Sansa.
  2. Good fathers in literature. There’s too many bad dads. Dads need more attention! Why do they all suck?
  3. Representation of mental illness in a positive light!!!!!!!!!! Mental illness sucks but it doesn’t have to consume your life! And not all people with mental illnesses are crazy!!
  4. Also related to but different from the last one, better representation of medication for mental illness! I’ve read so many books where the characters resent taking their medication, or forget or resist it or what not. It doesn’t make you weak to take a medication! It helps so much! As someone on tumblr said, neuro-typical people are just as reliant on neurotransmitters as neuro-atypical people, they just make their own! I wish this was better portrayed.
  5. More dragons. I would just like more books more dragons are commonplace. Is that too much to ask?
  6. Psychological thrillers about psychopaths or sociopaths. I just find that mindset so interesting.
  7. Books related to kidnappings. I’ve always found kidnapping really interesting from a psychology perspective, so I would love a book from the kidnappers perspective.
  8. The “we have to pretend to be married/dating” trope. Idk I just love it a lot, don’t judge me.
  9. K this might be a weird one, but more instances of period mishaps, especially in YA. Because let’s be honest, your period sucks and can take over your life at times, so having more instances of that in YA would be great.
  10. Spy books that don’t suck. I was obSESSED with spies as a kid and read several series. But ones with girl protagonists and still very focused on “””girl issues””” like boys and jealousy rather than the actual spying part, whereas ones with boy protagonists are hypermasculine. The CHERUB series was fantastic and I recommend it to everyone, but that’s basically the only good one.

Thanks for reading! xx

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