Makeup Monday: Cake ‘do gooder volumizing dry shampoo spray

 2/5 stars

I got this because my hair gets greasy very easily, and I’m trying to limit the number of times per week I wash it. So I thought getting a dry shampoo would be good for those days when it’s greasy but I’m not ready to shower. I try to only use beauty products that are cruelty free or not tested on animals, which is why I picked this one up.

My biggest issue, honestly, are the ingredients. The first three ingredients are butane, isobutene, and propane. I’m not normally someone who throws a hissy about chemicals in my beauty products AND I’ve taken organic chemistry (and got an A-, so was good at it too) so I know what isobutene, butane, and propane are. BUT they are also gasoline and lighter fluid, which are generally things you avoid putting near your hair. I know it’s different because they’re mixed with corn starch, but I’m still not a fan.

It was also heavily scented. I get really bad headaches from heavily perfumed products, so having this product right next to my head wasn’t good for that. It also didn’t really do anything at all for me. My hair wasn’t less greasy and there was no volume added to it. I definitely won’t be repurchasing this product (I threw out the rest of the bottle after writing this review).

Let me know if you’ve tried it, or have had similar experiences with it! And if you have any good dry shampoo recommendations, please let me know!

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