Makeup Monday: 5 eyeshadow palettes I really want

I have a problem. I’m obsessed with eyeshadow. It’s just so pretty. Specifically, I’m obsessed with rose-y/raspberry tones. I love them. Here are my top five wants.

  • tarte Tartiest Pro Amazonian Clay Palette: it’s just so beautiful!!!
  • tarte Tartelette in Bloom Clay Eyeshadow Palette: also just beautiful. Everything I love about eyeshadows.
  • Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette: it just looks beautiful. Why are eyeshadows so pretty. Why are they so expensive.
  • Urban Decay Naked3 Palette: it’s rose toned and beautiful.
  • Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette: do I need to say more??

If anyone wants to donate to my cause and gift me one of these, that would be much appreciated 😉 but if you’ve used any or all of these, let me know what you think of them! I would love some in put on which ones to get 🙂

(also I am in need of a good primer – let me know if you have a good one!)

3 thoughts on “Makeup Monday: 5 eyeshadow palettes I really want

  1. I have the Naked 3 palette, and it’s probably my favorite that I own. ❤
    I really want the Too Faced Peach Palette too! I love the colors in it.
    I've only ever used Urban Decay's eye shadow primer, and it works okay. But I really have nothing to compare it too yet.
    Makeup is one of those things that I could gush about for a looooong time. lol. 🙂

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    1. I’m the same about makeup! Every time I go to the drugstore to refill a prescription or something, I swear I walk out with at least one new lipstick or eyeshadow or something. It’s a bit of a problem haha

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