5 Things on Sunday – Things to do When You’re Stressed

Started here!

Due to school and work and life, I have a lot of things I do when I’m stressed lol

  1. prioritize you to-do list. I always make a massive to-do list and then get stressed about it. So when I’m overwhelmed, I organize everything into these categories: must get done for tomorrow, would be nice to get for tomorrow, and doesn’t need to be done for tomorrow. I usually end up finding that what must get done for tomorrow is actually fairly small. Then I divide up the stuff that would nice to get done further, into things like “should probably do” and “don’t really need to do, but would be nice.” It honestly helps so much.
  2. take a bath!! I always tell myself I’m going to read notes in the bath, but that rarely happens. I think it’s just as beneficial to take a relaxing bath and reassess later.
  3. bake yummy things. I love baking, if you hadn’t noticed. When I have more time but am still stressed, I like to bake chocolate chip cookies (or anything with chocolate really).
  4. exercise. Not necessarily like do a full work out, but if I’m sitting for hours studying, I like to get up and do some squats or jumping jacks or something to get my blood flowing again. It really helps.
  5. organizing my life. Similar to the to-do list one, but broader. I organize blog posts, my closet, when I’m riding, my lunch for tomorrow. It just helps me clear my head.

Thanks for reading!

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