Makeup Monday – Burt’s Bees Rose Water toner

So I’m pretty new to the toner world. I didn’t use it at all throughout high school and only started in first year. So I’ve just been trying new ones to see what I like. I recently (ish) finished using the Burt’s Bees Rose Water toner and thought I’d do a review compared to my current favourite, the seaweed stuff from the Body Shop.

This toner is really nice, but it wasn’t my favourite. It smelled really good, obviously, which was nice and made me feel fancy. It was also not super harsh and alcohol-y or chemically. The first toner I used was SUPER chemically and I couldn’t wash my face before using it because it would burn (literally, my face would turn bright red and it burned). But, the Burt’s Bees one didn’t do that, which is good. It was also pretty effective. It wasn’t like a miracle or anything, but my skin was definitely better when I was using the toner compared to when I wasn’t.

The main reason I didn’t like it is because it felt kind of heavy on my skin compared to the seaweed one. The current one I’m using makes my skin feel soft and clean and refreshed, whereas the rose water one didn’t feel as clean on my skin. I felt like I had to wash it off afterwards, which is not what I want from a toner.

Would I repurchase it? Maybe at some point, but not right now. It is budget friendly and does smell nice and works pretty well and is cruelty free, so there are a lot of good things. I just feel like I get that from my Body Shop stuff as well, which makes my skin feel more moisturized. But I would recommend it to someone starting out using toner, as it was not super alcoholic. It might also be good for someone with normal to combination skin. Just keep in mind that it’s a little heavy.

Thanks for reading xx


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