Mascara Monday – Clinique Lash Power

So this mascara is an interesting concept. There’s three levels and to switch between them, you twist the barrel of the mascara. The levels are depending on how much volume you want.

I’ve all the levels and will say there is definitely a big difference. I did not like the lowest level at all. I just found it barely did anything. It made my lashes black and slightly longer, but there was no volume. It wasn’t even really a good natural look. It just wasn’t good tbh.

But changing it to the highest level, and even the middle level, was a total game changer. The highest level is pretty good, definitely way better than the lowest level. It’s black and gives lots of volume. It’s not super clumpy, which can be hard to find in a high-volume mascara.

The way it comes off is interesting too. All you need is warm or hot water and it comes right off. It more just flakes off, though, so be prepared for flakes everywhere. every. where. It flakes a little tiny bit during the day, but not super flaky. There might just be a couple flakes if you wear it all day and rub your eyes.

They also advertise that it’s cry proof and I’m happy to say it is. I had a good ol cry with it on the other day and it didn’t smudge one bit, so yay!

Overall, it’s pretty decent. It’s not my favourite mascara, but it’s pretty good. I don’t think I’ll repurchase it any time soon, mainly because there are cheaper ones that I like just as much, but I might some day.

Let me know what you think if you’ve tried it! Thanks for reading!

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