Tips for writing the LSAT

Sooooooo I wrote the LSAT on February 4th and got my score last week. I did really well considering it was my first time writing and I did minimal preparing and had 3 midterms to write the same week. So I thought I’d share some tips, not that I’m an expert, but someone might find it useful!

Just a bit on the general format of the LSAT. There’s three sections: reasoning, reading comprehension, and logic games. You do two sections of reasoning and one of both reading comprehension and logic games, plus an experimental section that could be any of the three. At the end, there’s a writing section where you write a five-paragraph essay. So in total, six sections. Each section is 35 minutes. You get a break after the first three sections (the LSAC has a good website with information here)

So, on to the tips!

  1. do a practice test before you start prepping! This is a good way at figuring out what areas need more work. For me, I needed to work on logic games, as I can normally get through them, but it takes me a long time. I’m also not that great at reading comprehension (even though I read all the time). So doing the practice test was really good for me for knowing what to focus on.
  2. read on strategies on how to solve the questions you need help with. I learn better by doing; however, repeatedly doing things incorrectly just reinforces the wrong way. So learn how to do things properly and then do a couple questions following this specifically.
  3. practice the same time you’re going to write. I wrote in the morning (which I think most are). If you always practice at night (which I normally do), your body will be used to doing things at night and won’t perform as well early in the morning. So get up early one Saturday or whenever and practice.
  4. schedule a Saturday morning to be a practice day for you. Pretend like you’re actually writing the exam. Get an online proctor (one can be found here) and do a practice test. Follow testing conditions as well. It helps to not have the first time you write the test be the first time you sit somewhere for five hours without drinking or going to the bathroom. If you can, try to go somewhere as similar as possible to where you’ll be writing. Trust me, it helps a lot!
  5. focus on the things you suck at. Like I mentioned, I needed to be faster at logic games. So I practiced mainly logic games for two weeks. That being said, don’t forget the other sections too. Do it based on how confident you feel. I did about half logic games, half reading comp and reasoning. But do what works for you.

That’s everything I have! Let me know if you have any specific questions and I’d be happy to answer them to the best of my ability!

Here are some helpful links that I used, as well as some free resources.

Practice logic games (you need to make an account, but it’s free and you don’t need to add much personal information)
Free resources!!
Subreddit for the LSAT. I know, I know, but there’s some good advice!

Good luck!!

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