Makeup Monday: Tarte Clay Eyeliner

First impressions

I should preface this by saying that I rarely use eyeliner. The only one I’ve used recently is one from Buxom, so that’s what I’ll be comparing to. But I really like this eyeliner so far. It went on so easily and smoothly. It’s really pretty and sparkly, without being overly sparkly. It just adds that little hint of sparkle. It also doesn’t smudge, which is great. I have greasy eyelids (idk why, it’s weird) so the Buxom eyeliner smudges like no other. But this one held up great.

Final review

I’ve worn all the colours a couple times now and I really like them! Like I mentioned, I rarely wear eyeliner, but these are fantastic. They don’t smudge on my eyelids and the sparkly one doesn’t fall out. The colours are great and super pigmented. It’s easy to get a pretty nice line. I don’t do winged liner, but it probably wouldn’t be good for that. However, it’s great for everything else. I definitely recommend it!

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