Makeup Monday: Tarte Clay Eyeliner

First impressions I should preface this by saying that I rarely use eyeliner. The only one I’ve used recently is one from Buxom, so that’s what I’ll be comparing to. But I really like this eyeliner so far. It went on so easily and smoothly. It’s really pretty and sparkly, without being overly sparkly. It … Continue reading Makeup Monday: Tarte Clay Eyeliner

Baking – maple-sweetened bran muffins

Adapted from here! Honestly I love bran muffins???? They're just so tasty and yummy and easy to make and healthy. I've been making them once a week for the past couple months and taking them for snacks during the day and they're the best! They're sweetened with maple syrup, which goes so well with the … Continue reading Baking – maple-sweetened bran muffins

Baking – Chocolate Lava Cakes for Valentine’s Day

You guys. These are the chocolate lava cakes straight up stolen from the Chatelaine website (here) and they're the BEST. These are perfect for dessert on Valentine's Day or any other day that you might want a gooey chocolate lava cake. They're one of my favourite desserts ever. Ingredients: For cups 8 tsp unsalted butter, … Continue reading Baking – Chocolate Lava Cakes for Valentine’s Day