Winter beauty and skincare staples

So I live in Alberta, which is pretty effing cold. For the past month-ish, it’s been well below -10 celsius and has finally just warmed up. And this cold means that my skin has been not so great. It’s been dry AF for a while now.

So I thought I’d write a post on my beauty and skincare staples for the winter time.

First is an obvious one and that’s moisturizer. I use the North American Hemp Company Omega Anti-Aging moisturizer. It is fantastic and I love it. I can put it on in the morning and not feel oily throughout the day, which is needed, but it’s still super hydrating.

I’ve still been using my Body Shop Argan Oil Hair Oil because my hair has been so dry. It works pretty well, but it leaves my hair looking a little wet. So what I do is spray it on my hands and then massage it through my hair. I find that works best!

Of course, hand cream has been a staple. I use my trusty Body Shop Strawberry Hand Puree, which I love. This year, though, my feet have been so dry they’re cracking. This has never happened to me before and it really hurt. So I’ve been religiously applying lotions. The ones I like are again from the North American Hemp company and also the Rocky Mountain Soap Company. They have a foot stick thing that has been working miracles. I highly recommend it.

In terms of beauty, the only thing that really changes in lipstick. My favourite bold but still wearable colour is Rimmel 30, which is this lovely plummy colour. It’s great for everyday day wear but is still very bold. My go-to red has been a Rimmel lipliner in the colour Ravish. I love this colour. It’s beautiful with my skin tone. Finally, my everyday colour has been Revlon Matte Balm in the colour 225, Sultry. It’s this beautiful dusty rose colour that works for my skin so well. It’s honestly the best nude colour for me.

Rimmel 30, Rimmel Ravish, and Revlon Sultry

(sorry these swatches are the worst lmao)

That’s all that changes, really! Let me know what yours are!

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