4 popular books I’m not a fan of

These are those books that everyone seems to love but I never really got into.

  1. Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell – I have a whole review on this book here! Basically, I just thought this book was too hyped up for what it was and it didn’t wow me like I was expecting (that’s the general theme here tbh)
  2. The Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyers – it has been a long while since I read this book honestly, but I remember not being a fan of it. Again, it was just too hyped up for what it was. I did read the entire saga and the last two weren’t as bad as the first two. But I full on stopped reading the second. It just wasn’t for me. I also don’t think it portrays a healthy relationship, but that’s a post for another day.
  3. Delirium by Lauren Oliver – again, too hyped for what it was. The idea was super interesting and the story and writing weren’t bad, but it never really stuck with me. I read it twice, thinking maybe I just missed something but it was the same. I didn’t really connect with any of the characters and I thought it dragged out too much.
  4. Into the Wild by John Krakauer – I had to read this for school and it wasn’t bad. I just think it’s a little pretentious honestly. It’s such an interesting story, but I feel like it could have been told better and in a more interesting way. Again, I didn’t connect with any of the people featured in it. It’s another story of a white guy who does something.

This was going to be a list of 5 but I couldn’t think of any more and the list I looked up on Goodreads had mainly non-fictions written by anti-liberals, so it wasn’t very useful. But I hoped you enjoyed this! Let me know your thoughts and I’ll probably do more of these in the future!

2 thoughts on “4 popular books I’m not a fan of

  1. I felt the same way about Twilight and Delirium! The idea behind Delirium was genuinely quite interesting but it was written in such a Dystopian-Young-Adult way /:

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