Travel diary – Fernie, BC

So my family went to Fernie for the first couple days of January. We went once last year, but my brother had never been and it was our first time going as a family. It was a lot of fun so I thought I’d write a mini travel diary on it.

January 1, 2017: we drove down this day, leaving around 9am, after we had to jump our car. Our car was completely packed to the brim. There were six people, six pairs of skis, ski boots, helmets, and mittens, four backpacks, one suitcase, and a dog. We had ski boots and helmets next to us in the car. It was ridiculous.

We got to Fernie around 1 pm, so we decided to do a half day skiing. It was pretty good. The visibility wasn’t great and it was pretty windy, but it was still fun.

For dinner, we went to Loaf, which is the best pizza place ever. Honestly, if you’re ever in Fernie, go to Loaf!!! It’s so good!

January 2, 2017: today was our main ski day. And it was practically perfect. It was super cold, but there was no wind and it was sunny, so it was so nice. We skied most of the day and went all over the mountain, so it was good.


Near the end, we saw the avalanche rescue dogs!!!!!! They were so cute!!! We got to see one of them getting on the chairlift, which was the cutest thing ever honestly. Then there were two of them running around at the top of the chairlift playing with a frisbee, and it was so cute. Definitely worth freezing for.

That night we went to the Northern Bar and Grill, which was good. We went there last year too, and it’s super chill and the food is really good pub food. We also went to Tim Horton’s after to get hot chocolate because it was effing cold.

January 3, 2017: this was our last day. We decided not to ski because my parents were sore from the day before and my sister and her friend didn’t want to. It was also cold, and our passes are good until the end of the season, so we’ll just use them later.

Instead, my brother and I went to take pictures for his online store. There was a frozen river with a teepee behind the hotel, so we just went there. It was super pretty and really cool to be on the ice. The snow was so deep, it was crazy.

We also saw some tracks that we think were a bird of prey going after a rabbit. It was pretty cool.


Before we left Fernie, we went to Big Bang Bagels, which is the top rated restaurant in Fernie. The bagels were so good. A++++ for sure. Definitely go there for lunch. A lot of locals will go there instead of the lodge when they ski.

Overall, it was a really nice trip. It was cold, but sunny and not windy otherwise, and the powder was great. I’m definitely excited to go back.

Thanks for reading!

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