17 goals for 2017

I cannot believe it’s 2017. I turn 21. Australia was 10 years ago. Like what.

Anyway, here are my goals for 2017. Some are more personal, some are more tangible, and some are things that I continuously try to work on.

  1. Be more independent. Whether this be travel alone or grocery shop for yourself or what have you
  2. Get my full license. In Alberta, I’m still under some restrictions. But, in February I can get my full license and have almost no restrictions!!!
  3. Travel, of course
  4. Do more photography
  5. Be more active. Take more walks, go for more runs, work out more. Walk to foothills more!!!
  6. Get more in shape for backpacking
  7. Write the LSAT (I’m currently registered for February, wish me luck!!!!!)
  8. Apply to law or grad school
  9. Related to that, figure out what I want to do in life
  10. Try to mend old friendships
  11. Get an A in stats and bio-chem
  12. Get a publication as the first author
  13. Read 5 new books
  14. Compete at 1.20m consistently
  15. Finally finish Firefly (it’s been 3 years dammit)
  16. Drink more water (obviously)
  17. As always, be happy

Thanks everyone for reading!

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