Christmas Wish List

Sorry (but not really) for all the Christmas related posts. I tried to write something non-Christmassy but finals are sucking my soul so I thought I’d wait until that was done to write any other posts.

Instead I’m here today with my Christmas wish list!! There wasn’t much on it this year because I am very fortunate and have everything that I need and want, but there were still a couple things.

Swamp Queen Palette from Tarte (here). Can we talk about how beautiful this palette is. I mean come on. It’s so beautiful. It’s all the colours I use.

Sephora Eyeshadow in 288 (?). So I have written on my phone that it’s colour 288, but I can’t find that anywhere on their website. But it’s a lovely raspberry shade, which is my favourite.

The Balm Mad Lash Mascara (here). I have the shortest eyelashes ever and I heard this was great so I want to give it a go.

Black leggings. I want a pair of expensive-ish black leggings, like from Lululemon. I’ve had a pair since grade 9 (so like 6 years) and they still fit really well, they’re just starting to disintegrate a little. But the cheaper leggings I have never last very long. I literally got a pair two months ago and the waistband is already too loose. So I want a nicer pair so that I don’t have to constantly pull them up. I also want a pair of those meshy ones, where the mesh goes up the side of the leg.

I think that’s just about everything! I don’t have any specific books because 1. I haven’t been to Chapters in AGES and when I have been there I haven’t had time to cruise the books looking for new ones, so I don’t have any AND 2. my to-read list from this summer was too ambitious so I need to catch up on those ones first.

Let me know what’s on your list! And happy holidays 🙂

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