The end is near – an update

It’s less than one month until Christmas!!!!!!!!!!! Standing in my way, however, are finals. I’m taking a bit of break tonight to write this and schedule some posts for until finals are done (but after that are some Christmasy posts so get excited!!!) and I just thought I’d talk a little about school and the courses I’m taking and what’s going on in my life until I am done this semester.

I’m in my third year of my undergrad. I’m working towards a BHSc in Health and Society (which is basically population and public health) with a concentration in psychology, and my BSc in psychology, both of which will likely be honours degrees. I honestly love both of them and there is nothing else I’d rather be studying. I’m extremely fortunate to be able to go to school and study what I want. I think when I’m done undergrad, I want to go to law school and go into advocacy, specifically in mental health. But some days I think I want to go into clinical psychology and get my PhD. I think I might end up doing both (kind of because I want to be Dr. Ally).

I also work in the Health Technology Assessment Unit at my university. We were commissioned over the summer to do an assessment of the legalization of marijuana; what the health outcomes would be, how much it should be taxed, what advertising there should be, things like that. It’s great and I genuinely like my job a lot. My boss is the best and I have some great colleagues. I’m taking 5 classes and working 10 hours a week and horseback ride four times a week, so I’m busy but still hanging in there ahahaha.

My classes this semester are: Health and Society (HSOC) 401: Foundations of Social Science Method (which is philosophy and not my favourite); HSOC 408, which is a full year research practicum and I like it so far, even if class is a little boring; cognitive psychology, which is super interesting; intro to statistics; and an independent study with my work, so I basically get to use work hours as school credit. Two of my courses are year-long, which means I don’t have finals for them this semester.

However, before the end of semester, I have a philosophical paper for 401 outlining what distinguishes the natural and social science; a research proposal for 408; an oral presentation for 408; an oral presentation for stats; a stats exam; a cognitive psych exam; a report due to Alberta Health for work/class; and an oral presentation for my independent class, all within two weeks. So I’m pretty busy the next couple of weeks.

But them I’m done and I have almost a month off and it’s Christmas!!!!

So that’s my life update. Wish me luck the next few weeks. I’ll tune back in when finals are finished!

xx Ally

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