Book review: Everyday by David Levithan

This book is about A, who is a person who doesn’t have a body. A wakes up everyday in a different person’s body. The first time we meet A, they are the boyfriend of a girl Rhiannon. A falls in love with Rhiannon and the book follows the two of them trying to make a relationship work.

This book is fantastic. It is definitely one of my favourite YA romance novels and it makes me happy and sad and content and question life and love all at the same time. It was one of those books where I read the synopsis and was like “I need to read this immediately.” So I did and I have loved it ever since.

David Levithan is a fantastic author and this book is beautifully written. It’s easy to read in terms of language, but it’s really interesting. I could read an entire book on A being different people and experiencing different lives. It’s so fascinating to see what other people experience, how they experience, and how A is influenced by the different bodies they are in. The different families, different schools, friendships, relationships, feelings. As someone who finds individual differences fascinating, I loved this aspect of the book.

The relationships depicted in this book are also fantastic. They are all healthy relationships (even the ones involving horrible people), except for Rhiannon’s relationship, but spoilers so I won’t say anything else. The relationships between straight and not straight people are depicted in the same way, sometimes the not straight ones being depicted in a better light than the straight ones. Some of the relationships made me really think about love; do I think about my boyfriend the same way they do? Do I love him the same way?? Some of them are over the top, but not necessarily unrealistic. And like I said, they are all healthy, which is really important, especially in YAs. If you’ve ever read a book by David Levithan, you know he tries to make non-heterosexual relationships the norm. He does it really really well, too. It’s really refreshing to read a book with so many healthy and different relationships.

One of my favourite things about this book is the subtle exploration of sexuality. Because A doesn’t have a body, A doesn’t identify with a specific gender. So they have no issue being intimate with Rhiannon regardless of what body they are in. But this causes conflict with Rhiannon, as she has difficulty being intimate with a girl even though she may love A. I found this part so interesting, as I think it is completely realistic and I can really relate to Rhiannon in this respect.

All in all, this is a fantastic book. I would recommend it to anyone who likes YA romances but wants a more grown-up one. It’s definitely written in mature language. However, it’s easy enough to read that I think anyone can read it.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Please let me know your thoughts if you do read it!

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