Travel Diary – Mili Gorge

As previously mentioned, my family visited Greece recently. We stayed for about a week together on Crete, which is the largest island. My favourite part of it was Mili Gorge, which was fantastic.

There are a lot of gorges on Crete, the most famous of which is Samaria. However, we were completely unprepared for Samaria Gorge which can apparently be pretty tricky. So my brother found out about Mili Gorge, which was much closer to where we were staying and sounded good as well. Mili was about 15 minutes away from Rethymno, where we were staying, compared to the almost 2 hours that it would have taken us to get to Samaria.

The hiking itself was more like “””hiking””” in most places. It was easy enough for us to do in limited footwear and in 30+ degree weather. But it was super pretty.

The coolest part (in my opinion) was all the old buildings. Apparently, there used to be a village in the gorge where they made flour. But in the 70s, there was a flood that destroyed a lot of the buildings so everyone left. The structures of a lot of the buildings are still there. Nature has taken over of course, making it really really cool.


It’s kind of unsettling on the one hand but reassuring on the other. Nature is so powerful and always finds a way to take over. I’m always reassured by the fact that really we’re pretty insignificant and nature will always find a way to take over.

In the gorge, there were several churches, many of which were still in use. I didn’t take any pictures inside because that’s generally not allowed and I didn’t want to be rude and disrespectful. But they build the churches literally into the rock.


Like, it’s literally extended to the rock. So cool!!!!

There were a couple waterfalls there too, which some people were swimming in. There’s a stream through it, unsurprisingly as it was used at one point to grind grain.

At one end of the gorge, there’s a cafe-type place to get lunch. It was really cute and they grow their own fruit in the gorge. It took a while, but that’s also just classic Greece. They can’t bring you the bill after you eat, they need to bring you watermelon and raki.


All in all, this hike was beautiful and I loved it. I would recommend it to everyone honestly. If you want to see some nature and take a pretty casual but slightly hard-ish hike, do this gorge. Do it anyway, because it really is worth it.


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