Travel Bucket List

To be continually added upon

North America

  • trail ride through Yellowstone National Park
  • see the Golden Gate bridge
  • hike the West Coast Trail
  • see the Northern Lights (sorry Thomas Rhett but if I die without seeing the Northern Lights I will be thoroughly pissed)
  • visit the North Pole
  • backpack in the Rockies (done September 2011)


  • rock climb in the Rockies
  • go to Yosemite
  • spend a night in the Grand Canyon
  • see a show on Broadway
  • go to Disney World (I don’t know the first time I did this but the earliest I remember was 2004)
  • see the Salmon Run
  • go to Coachella
  • do an Antarctic cruise
  • visit every province, territory, and state

South America

  • see Machu Picchu (done March 2014)


  • visit the Amazon (done March 2014)
  • see Christ the Redeemer


  • see the Great Barrier Reef (done 2007)
  • see the Sydney Opera House (done 2007)
  • visit Fiji
  • see Hobbiton
  • visit the Maldives


  • spend a night in the Sahara (done March 2013)


  • see the Pyramids
  • see Madagascar’s Avenue of the Baobabs
  • visit Phraya Nakhon Cave, Thailand



  • see Buckingham Palace (done July 2016)
  • visit Venice and the Amalfi Coast
  • see the Eiffel Tower (done June 2009)
  • see Loch Ness
  • ski in the Swiss Alps
  • eat chocolate in Belgium
  • eat a croissant in France (done June 2009)
  • visit the Vatican
  • see the Acropolis (done July 2016)



  • visit Japan
  • visit Tibet
  • get to base camp on Everest
  • see the Taj Mahal
  • walk the Great Wall of China
  • visit the Dead Sea and Jerusalem


  • go in a hot air balloon (done August 2013 in San Diego)


  • go to every continent
  • go zip lining (done August 2013 in Ontario)
  • go to school outside of Canada
  • go dogsledding (done January 2016 in Alberta)
  • kayak at sunset (done August 2014 on Georgian Bay)


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