Horse show review 2016

As you may or may not know,  I ride horses (a lot). I do competitive show jumping, which is what you’d most likely watch at the Olympics. Think Ian Millar, Eric Lamaze, and Beezie Madden.

While I definitely don’t jump anywhere near the same level as them, I do really love it a lot. I competed quite a bit this summer and thought I’d do a show review.

 The season started for us at Spruce Meadows at the Winter Farewell, March 10th-13th, which happened to coincide with my reading week. I don’t really do a lot of indoor shows anymore because of school, but we managed to get to this one. We started at the 1.10m jumpers and they were okay. Sometimes I think at the lower heights I don’t try as hard because I know it’s easier for Jack. But then of course it doesn’t go well and I feel bad so I really need to stop doing that. But we did manage to get 3rd in the accumulator class, which is one of my favourite classes. The rest of the days we either had a rail or a stop. Overall, it wasn’t a bad first show.

 The next one we did was the May Classic at Spruce Meadows, which is the first outdoor show of the season. We did the 10s the first day and the 1.15m mini prix on Sunday. The first two days were good, with us only having a time fault in the clear round and a rail in the other class. But we finished 4th in the mini prix, which we were super happy about. Jack’s just such a good boy.


The next weekend we did Bow Valley Classic at Anderson’s Ranch, which is owned by Olympian John Anderson. We did the 15s and got a 4th and a 1st in the regular division and won the mini prix!!! It was such a good show, but it rained the entire time. On our last day, the day of the mini prix, it poured buckets. We decided to go anyways to get the experience and whatnot and got 11 faults but there was only one other girl who finished the class and she had 16 faults, so we won! It was still exciting. It was freezing, I should also mention. It basically snowed. My hands were literally white and they were so cold, I couldn’t tell how much I was pulling. But do it for the experience!

 Next was June Classic at Anderson’s. We did the 10s the first day to get started and then the 1.20m the rest of the week. We did two 1.20m classes and won both of them! It was my first time finishing a 1.20m course in a competition and I won, so I was super excited! I also got a 4th in the 1.10m, 5th in the 1.20m mini prix, and 3rd in the 1.10m equitation. It was a good show and I was super happy.


Isn’t he just the cutest dang horse in the whole world? I love him so much.

 Then we didn’t show until the first weekend August. We did Rocky Mountain Classic, also at Anderson’s. I hadn’t really jumped in about a month because we were away, so we started with the 1.10m clear round the first day. We did the 15s and some 20s the rest of the week, depending on what was happening. I got 2nd in the 15s, I was just out of the ribbons in the 1.20m mini prix (literally the last rider knocked me out), and 2nd in the 15 mini prix. I’m pretty sure we also got 4th in the eq, but I can’t find the result online. I just remember doing it and being super happy with my round. I think my barn got 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th, so we had good representation in that class. Again, it was a great show.

 Our last outdoor competition (and probably competition for this season) was the Champion’s Welcome at Spruce Meadows. It’s the weekend right before the Masters. I did the 1.10m because they don’t do 15s at this show and I wasn’t quite ready to just go into 20s. Overall, it was an okay show. I made it into the jump off in my classes on Friday and Saturday, but then had a rail on Friday and a refusal on Saturday. I also had a stop in out first class on Thursday. But, we still rode really well for the most part, so I was happy. I wish it had gone a little better, but I can only complain so much.

All in all, I’m super happy with how this season has gone. We mastered the 1.15m’s and made it successfully to the 1.20m. We still have a ways to go, but that’s what winter training is for. It is my goal to someday compete in the 1.20m at Spruce, so hopefully next year!

Thanks for reading!


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