50 Things to do Before I Turn 50

50 things to do before I’m 50

  1. get a tattoo
  2. see the northern lights
  3. get an A+ in a class
  4. complete my BHSc/BSc
  5. graduate grad school
  6. get my phD
  7. get a publication with 100 citations
  8. give a presentation at a conference
  9. get to the 1.20m at Spruce Meadows
  10. go to Japan
  11. go to London, England (July, 2016)
  12. sail the Cyclades (July, 2016)
  13. go to Venice, Italy
  14. hike the West Coast Trail
  15. see Loch Ness
  16. go to every continent
  17. rock climb in the Rockies
  18. see the Golden Gate bridge
  19. get to base camp on Everest
  20. see Pompeii
  21. sell my photography
  22. donate $1,000 to charity, preferably a local one
  23. donate blood (even though I may pass out)
  24. be officially interviewed
  25. impact a government policy
  26. ski a double black diamond on purpose
  27. live on my own
  28. buy my own house
  29. go to a music festival
  30. go to the movies alone
  31. run a seven minute mile
  32. get my own dog
  33. see Florence + the Machine live
  34. meet Eric Lamaze
  35. have a face-to-face confrontation and not cry
  36. get 100 likes on an Instagram post (that is so lame I’m so sorry but still let me have my moment)
  37. write a magazine/newspaper article
  38. fight for equality
  39. teach my little sister why Snape was actually not that great
  40. see a show on Broadway
  41. see a baseball game at Fenway
  42. become conversational in French
  43. go on a road trip
  44. ride in a hot air balloon (August, 2013)
  45. experience zero gravity
  46. see the salmon run
  47. dye my hair
  48. donate my hair
  49. read the Bible and the Koran
  50. meet the Queen

There are way more things I want to do in life, but some of them are more personal. There’s of course lots of things I want to do and already have, so I left those off and might do a post of things I want to do and include ones I already have done. I might make an entire list of places I want to travel/see because there are so many. I just like writing and making lists so I can remember what I’ve done.

Thanks for reading!

Ally xx

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