Travel Diary – Beachy Head and Brighton

So recently my family took our summer vacation. We spent 5 days (6 if you include the day we landed) in England and 2 weeks in Greece. I’ve split the vacation up into different parts for writing travel diaries, because there’s so much I want to talk about that one post would not be enough and be way too long.

The first one I’m doing is Beachy Head and Brighton. We stayed in London, but we did a day trip to Brighton, which was about an hour and a half by bus away. From there we rented a car and drove to Beachy Head, which was about 45 minutes from Brighton.


Beachy Head was beautiful. It’s so cool, with it’s white cliffs and green grass and rolling hills. It was very British and quaint. It was a little busy when we were there, but not packed, and it’s not super touristy. Prepare for the wind. There were gusts the whole time. It was so windy.


Apparently it’s a common place for suicides, which is not a happy fact. There are memorials and crosses in random places along the cliff in memory of those people.


If you’re someone who enjoys nature but not long hikes, I would definitely suggest going here. There was walking up and down hills, but I wouldn’t have called it hiking. There’s a spot to get ice cream and a gift shop and pub, so there’s places to go to the bathroom if need be 😉 I would definitely recommend bringing a picnic and maybe having a car picnic. There were picnic tables (I think), but the wind might make it harder to enjoy.

As for Brighton, I thought it was great. First thing to realize: while it is a beach town, it’s not actually that small. My brother, who made the arrangements for the car rental, was like “oh, it’ll just be up the main road from the bus stop.” Not really. It was about a 15 minute walk through the lanes, which I didn’t mind because we got to see a little more of the town, but it did mean we got very lost trying to return the car. Although, that might also be due to the fact that my mom hadn’t bothered typing “Enterprise Car Rentals” into Google Maps and was just trying to get to the road. Her reasoning was she didn’t think Google Maps would have Enterprise on it (???). But the small, winding roads didn’t really help.

We went for dinner at the coolest pub there. I don’t remember the name, but I’ll take a look online and see if I can find it (I couldn’t, but it was right in the lanes and was super cute and pub like and I loved it). Then we went on the iconic pier and the beach. I wish we had a little more time to see the town. As we were bussing back to London, we had to be at the bus stop at a specific time. The bus ended up being 45 minutes late, so we could’ve explored more, but we also didn’t want to risk missing it.


The beach is not a sand beach – it’s all pebbles and rocks. So it’s not really that comfortable, but it’s cool to look at all the rocks. My sister loves rocks, so we spent a good portion of our vacation collecting rocks from the various places we went. They are really cool though.


I want to put a little caution about driving: don’t get a manual unless you’re super comfortable with manuals. The roads are European roads, which are much different from North American roads. They’re narrower and busier; there’s lots of turning circles and confusing (to me at least) signs. I would also avoid driving in general if you’re not a comfortable or confident driver. It was a little sketchy at some points.

I think I would definitely like to go back to Brighton. I don’t know whether I’d be able to live there if it’s that windy all the time though, because I honestly hate wind. It’s just so annoying. But, I thoroughly enjoyed our visit and wanted more time.

Next post: the rest of London. Greece will be later!

Thanks for reading! Ally xx

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