Movie review: Zootopia

Okay you guys.

This movie is about Judy Hopps, who is a bunny from a small bunny town, who’s dream is to become a police officer and make the world a better place. Specifically, she wants to be an officer in Zootopia, where “anyone can be anything.” She struggles through police academy but graduates top of her class to become the first bunny police officer, and moves to Zootopia. She isn’t regarded very highly by her superiors or equals, but she is given the opportunity to investigate the case of a missing otter. She enlists (blackmails him) the help of a conman (con fox?) Nick Wilde.

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, I suggest you do. Yes, it’s Disney, but it’s so so so good and definitely not just for kids. If anything, the allegorical message behind it is for adults.

It’s a highly political movie without being “shove down your throat” about it. Basically, it addresses racism and police brutality and racial profiling and all those things that happened in the US last year (and are still happening). But it does it in such a way that it’s subtle and well put. You wouldn’t really catch on unless you were aware of the world around you. It doesn’t really blame any one side. It doesn’t try to give an answer to an unanswerable question. But it presents the facts in a way that made my parents go “oh wait a minute.” It’s subtle, but once you see it, you can’t see anything else.

It is also very empowering. Judy is not only a female, she’s a prey  and a bunny. No one takes her seriously, not even her parents, who encourage her to drop her dream of being an officer. But she perseveres on and does her job better than anyone else. And she does it by being smart and clever and a genuinely nice person. In a world where girls very rarely get good role models, Judy Hopps is definitely a much needed protagonist. And yes, it passes the Bechdel test (within the first 10 minutes!!).

Everything about this movie is good. I love it a lot and recommend it to literally everyone I talk to. I managed to bring it up three times in conversation the other day.

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