50 Things About Me

As a first blog post, I thought a simple “50 Things About Me” would be good, as a way of introduction and for you to get to know me (and I like talking abut myself lol). Here they are! Make sure you tell me something about yourself too 🙂

50 things about me

  1. I turned 20 this year
  2. I go by my middle name
  3. I live in Canada
  4. I am the oldest of three
  5. I was really against my parents having a third child (sorry, Em)
  6. both dogs we’ve had in my lifetime have been named Sammy and have been airedales
  7. we’ve moved across the country and honestly it was devastating at the time, but it was so worth it in the end
  8. my family lived in Australia for 6 months when I was 11
  9. I used to go to Montessori school
  10. I have been horseback riding since I was 8
  11. the first horse I leased was named Marquis
  12. I now own two horses, Maggie and Jack
  13. I love rock climbing
  14. I also ski
  15. I didn’t get my full license until I was almost 19
  16. I have never had an official hair cut, nor have I ever dyed my hair
  17. I’ve debated dyeing my hair purple but I’ve never had the guts to
  18. I want a tattoo at some point, but I don’t know of what
  19. my favourite disney movie is Mulan, but the Little Mermaid is a really close second
  20. I’m a proud feminist and will fight anyone over the definition
  21. I always, always, always use the oxford comma
  22. my favourite subjects in high school were calculus and psychology
  23. I’ve travelled to Morocco and it was incredible and I loved it
  24. I’ve also been to Machu Picchu, which was also incredible
  25. I am currently studying Health Sciences and Psychology in university (double major whooo)
  26. I have zero hand-eye coordination, which is why none of the sports I do required it
  27. when I was younger, I always wanted to be a spy (and still secretly do)
  28. my all time favourite movie is Spirited Away
  29. my favourite Harry Potter book is the Prisoner of Azkaban, followed by the Order of the Phoenix because Sirius Black is my favourite character
  30. I’m a slut for puns and shitty memes
  31. I could never choose an all time favourite book because I like too many and can’t make that commitment
  32. I can’t even choose a favourite author
  33. I like almost all pastas
  34. David Tennant was my favourite doctor, but I can never choose a favourite companion
  35. my current favourite TV show is Bones, but it changes every few months
  36. I’m very passionate equality and reducing inequities
  37. my favourite psychology study was Stanley Milgrim’s study on obedience (yes I have a favourite study)
  38. though I’m liberal, I don’t support the current Liberal party of Canada (I don’t really support the conservatives or NDP either though)
  39. I love fashion and beauty, but I’m too lazy to do makeup
  40. I’m very picky about clothes and only wear comfortable ones
  41. I’m part of the United Church of Canada
  42. I would say I’m more spiritual than religious, but they’re both really important to me
  43. I love learning about religions
  44. I don’t have a favourite band, but some favourites include the Foo Fighters, Florence + the Machine, All Time Low, Vampire Weekend, the Arkells, Arctic Monkeys, Lumineers, and X Ambassadors
  45. I love photography
  46. I’m against animals testing, except for science and medicine
  47. one time, I asked my friend to describe me in one word and she said “sarcastic”
  48. I want to travel as much as I can
  49. I identify as an optimist and always try to be happy
  50. though I’m a pretentious bitch sometimes, I never think I’m better than anyone else because you never really know what other people have gone through

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